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The Beta Band are an unpredictable bunch, who have inspired some of the most high-profile Britrock musicians around, such as Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn.  Their haphazard, sideways style is fresh and enjoyable, epitomised by their excellent debut release, The Three EPs.


Their early music was very much in the experimental mould, with all manner of household implements used alongside the usual instruments.  It sounds a mess, and sometimes it was, but theirs was a refreshingly original sound.  Their latter albums were a lot tighter and more coherent, but not with the commercial success they suddenly desired.

Alas, they split up at the end of 2004, with spaceman catching them one last time in their farewell tour - one of the great gigs.


When and where spaceman has seen them live:

Manchester Academy, 19 November 2004 (farewell tour)

Manchester Academy, 19 January 2002

Manchester University Students' Union, 20 July 2001


Discography - albums:

Best Of The Beta Band (also available as a DVD)

Heroes To Zeroes

Hot Shots II

The Beta Band

The Three EPs


Discography - singles:





Human Being

To You Alone/Sequinsizer

Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos

The Patty Patty Sound

The Champion Versions

Band line-up:

Stephen Mason

Robin Jones

Rich Greentree

John Maclean