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Expecting to fly:

of all the bluetones' offerings, this still remains spaceman's preferred choice, with its raw innocence, wry humour and catchy melodies.  from the bouncy bluetonic and the chugging cut some rug, through to spaceman's favourite track, the shimmeringly beautiful fountainhead and, of course, the chart-smashing slight return, which flew in at number 2 back in [xxxxx], only pipped at the post by [babylon and spaceman], a travesty if ever we saw one.  this, though, was the time of britpopworld, where the charts were turned upside down by the resurgence of indie bands, their popularity boosted by the breakthough of bands like blur and oasis.  nowadays, the bluetones find it rather harder to break the top five (i.e. impossible), but this album represents a chance to relive those days.  9/10

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