The Charlatans go from strength to strength, although with Tim Burgess having written a solo album, their future may not be too certain.  From their initial beginnings at the turn of the 90s, riding on the back of Madchester, to their current position as one of Britain's top bands, the Charlatans have an impressive and varied back catalogue.

Band line-up: Tim Burgess, Mark Collins, Martin Blunt, Jon Brookes, Tony Rogers (also: the late Rob Collins)


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When and where spaceman has seen them live:

Manchester Arena, 14 December 2001

Temple Newsam Park, Leeds, 22 August 1998 (at V98)

Manchester Arena, 19 November 1997



Simpatico (released April 2006)

Up At The Lake


Us And Us Only

Melting Pot

Tellin' Stories

The Charlatans

Up To Our Hips

Between 10th and 11th

Some Friendly




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