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Spaceman loves sport.  Spaceman's always watching it.  Or playing it.  Whether it's cursing the England cricket team's latest middle order collapse or Oldham's throwing away of a 2-0 lead, spaceman's enthusiasm never wanes.


It's not all bad, though.  There are golden moments.  These are shown in the slowly developing archives below.  Spaceman is a big fan of international sports superstars such as Andy Flintoff, Ronnie O'Sullivan and, er, John Sheridan.


Spaceman has decided to do a cricket log for 2004, which will describe the highs and lows, and the ins and outs of the cricketing year, focusing primarily on the experiences of England and Lancashire.




Well, what better way can proper blokes spend their spare time taking out the aggressions of the working day than by kicking the hell out of the opposition out on the pitch, or screaming abuse from the stands or towards the telly at the team they will spend all their life wishing greatness upon, if only so that they can go into school, college, university, work, etc. the next day with their head held high.  Girls like it too, of course, but just not quite as much.  It must be the socks...




It's an eccentric sport, cricket, almost as eccentric as curling (topical joke circa February 2002), invented by the English (in India?) around... well, a long time ago.  And, so it goes, the English are now no good at the sport they invented.  But this nation loves a good bunch of losers as much as it despairs of them, if only because it makes the rare wins so precious - these are the special moments that spaceman clings on to.



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The major highlight was clearly England winning the rugby union World Cup.  The sweetest thing about the victory in the final was the fact that it was Australia that we beat, a country who seem to have the knack of beating us in most sports.  And also the way we did it.  We threatened to throw it away after being the better side for most of the game and having chances to put out of their reach.  But instead of capitulating, the XI held firm and, for that, we salute them.


There was the mighty "Freddie" Flintoff yorking Javagal Srinath to win the last one-day international in India, drawing the series, the England backs cutting open Ireland's defensive line, and, erm, the sight of David Seaman and his porno star haircut back in goal.  Er, this obviously isn't reflective of the whole year (not yet, anyway) it was merely a snapshot when spaceman started the sports pages.