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Cooking skill level 3:  Inexperienced But Slightly Competent

i.  Bacon and eggs (on toast)



As Northerners (like spaceman) might say, yer can't beat owt like bacon and egg.  Southerners, however, might say that the creaminess of the egg is offset by the saltiness of the bacon to a delicious degree.  This is why they don't get on.  If you found the cheese on toast recipé demanding, then it is not recommended that you continue past this point, save to look at the pretty pictures (lovingly rendered, of course, by operation_good_guys).  If, however, you are eager for more, then this is the place for you.  Ingredients are shown in fig 1, just in case you can't read the column on the right.



Step 1 - Grill the bacon

Get that old friend the grill hot again.  You can, of course, fry bacon, but spaceman is going for the healthy option.  It's all relative, of course.  Anyway, fig 2 shows the set up the spaceman has opted for, namely a grill tray with a catching layer of foil, which enables the fats of the bacon to drip free from the bacon itself.  Genius.  It also shows the laying of the bacon on the grill tray.  This should be transferred to a position nicely under the grill.  (Again, as for the cheese on toast, as close as you can if you are keeping an eye on it, further away if not.  Come on, it's basic stuff.)  Fig 3 shows the cooking of the bacon under the grill.  At the time, there was a suspicion that paranormal forces may have been at work.




Look!  The bacon is done on one side!



Step 2 - Fry the eggs

Once the bacon is done on one side, heat up a pan on the hob and add some oil.  When the oil is hot, break in a couple of eggs (fig 4 below shows a poor attempt by spaceman to do this neatly but, hey,  no-one's perfect).  Once the egg white actually goes white, turn the heat down and let the eggs gently cook.  Grind the old pepper mill over the yolks (to taste).  Check on the bacon.  Once the eggs are looking nicely done, but with the yolks perhaps a little underdone, remove the bacon (which should be done by this time) from under the grill and replace with the eggs, replete with frying pan attached (fig 5).  This is to cook the top of the eggs without overcooking the bottom.




Step 3 - Finish it all off, squire

While the eggs are distracted by the grill, pop a couple of slices of bread in Mr Toaster.  Have a gander at fig 6.  This will look familiar to the students of the toast recipé.



After a couple of minutes (and no more than that), remove the eggs and turn the grill off.  (You don't need it any more.)  Butter the toast, place a cooked, fried egg on each slice of toast, and then serve the bacon around.  If you feel the bacon is cooling too much, you can always put it at the bottom of the oven to keep warm.  Serve and eat.  Fig 7 shows the serving process, while fig 8 displays the devouring of the delicious looking meal.  If you look closely, you can see the nice, runny yolks being broken before the eating beginneth.  That's how it should be.



Utensils required

Frying pan

Grill pan



Bacon (4 rashers)

2 eggs

Bread (2 slices)

Pepper (to taste)





Preparation time

1 minute


Cooking time

15 minutes