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Lessons In Cookery


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Hello there and welcome to a new part of the website which focuses on that under-rated but always rewarding pastime: cookery.  People often ask spaceman how it is possible to produce such fantastic food, but all it takes is a teaspoon of luck, a good slug of practice, 100ml of patience, and a van load of kitchen equipment.


Appreciating that readers of this website will have different levels of cooking experience and skill, there is a difficulty grading applied to each recipé.  If you are, for want of a better phrase, quite frankly rubbish at cooking, then start at the beginning.  Otherwise, choose a level that suits.  Later on, there will be lessons in the most advanced cookery known to man.  But that is for another time.


For now, let us rejoice in the existence of food!  Enjoy.


Cooking skill level 1:  Quite Frankly Rubbish

i.  Glass of water

ii.  Toast

iii.  Cup of tea


Cooking skill level 2:  A Bit Crap

i.  Cheese on toast

ii.  Ham & cream cheese salad roll

iii.  Jacket potato

iv.  Spaghetti


Cooking skill level 3:  Inexperienced But Slightly Competent

i.  Bacon and eggs

ii.  Chicken club sandwich

iii.  Sausage and mash

iv.  Lemon chicken parcels




1. The art or practice of preparing food.

2. A place for cookery.



Big thanks for the photography goes to operation_good_guys (whose webpage is linked opposite).


All recipés are by spaceman unless otherwise stated.