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Lessons In Cookery


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Cooking skill level 3:  Inexperienced But Slightly Competent

ii.  Chicken club sandwich



Yee-ha to y'all as we're gonna get all American on your asses, with a classic triple-decker chicken club sandwich, packed full of flavour and goodness.  Americans do things the big way, and what better way than to make a sandwich a triple-decker.  You haven't lived if you haven't tripled up.


Step 1 - Preparation

It's better to prepare all the ingredients first in this one, just to avoid any unnecessary panicking later.  Here all the ingredients in visual form (fig 1).  Don't worry, though.  This is not a game.  You don't have to memorise them.  It's not that kind of website.



Do the salad ingredients first, as you are starting (hopefully) with a clean chopping board.  Better to do the raw meat later.  Believe me.  Fig 2 shows the chopping of the tomato, the lettuce (here, hearts of romaine lettuce is used), and gherkins.  Next, move on to the chicken.  In order to be able to cook the chicken through more effectively, it is a good idea to butterfly the chicken breast.  Simply slice the chicken in half, but not all the way, so that the chicken flattens out.  See fig 3 if you don't understand.  And observe sagely the use of a different chopping board.  Oh, we are good.




Step 2 - Griddle the bacon and chicken

Get your griddle pan on the hob and whack up the heat.  We're looking for some seared lines for extra visual yumminess.  Place the rashers of bacon across the griddle ridges.  The bacon is fatty enough, so don't bother with any oil at this stage.  A small number of minutes later, when the bacon is nice and well done on one side, flip the little buggers.  When the rashers are done both sides, move the little tinkers to the edge of the pan, so that they are being kept warm but not cooking.  Keep the heat up high and drizzle a little oil into the griddle pan, before flopping down the butterflied chicken breast.  Season with some freshly ground black pepper.  As for the bacon, wait for it to be well done on each side so that you get those nice char lines.  It might be worth leaving the chicken on at a low heat for a short while afterwards, just to make sure that the chicken is cooked all the way through.  Fig 4 shows this whole process.



Step 3 - Stack that sandwich

This is where the artist in you can really let fly.  We're not about to tell you how to stack your sandwich (well, not much).  Just do it how you like.  It is, however, a good idea to keep the lettuce as far away from the heat as possible.  And put mayo on one side of each slice of bread.  And slice the chicken in shallow diagonals.  Ok, here's how to do it.  Pay attention (fig 5).  It's a good idea to give the sandwich a bit of a squash to make it more manageable (it will probably be quite tall by this point).



Step 4 - Let's toast me a sandwich

Put the sandwich toaster into 'on' mode (fig 6 shows the model used - it's a Breville!).  If you are looking to save time, you could probably do this before you prep the sandwich.  Once heated up, carefully place your untoasted triple-decker sandwich onto the sandwich toaster, and lower the top.  Try not to overdo the toasting - we're just looking for a light grilling, really.  Fig 7 shows this perfectly.




You're probably getting quite hungry now so, just to tempt you some more, here is the toasted sandwich fresh from the Breville (fig 8).  And then comes the arty close-up.  Salivating yet?




Utensils required


Chopping board

Griddle pan


Sandwich toaster



Chicken breast

Bacon (2 rashers)




Bread (3 slices)






Preparation time

5 minutes


Cooking time

15 minutes