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Spaceman has recently developed an interest in cryptic crosswords.  Spaceman has always tried to do them in the past, but generally failed miserably.  However, having discovered the Metro cryptic crossword (the local free newspaper), the ability to finish this particular puzzler has revived interest.  So much so that spaceman has even attempted to devise some fiendishly cryptic (er, maybe) crosswords for this website...

In the beginning - spaceman's first ever crossword and it shows.  It doesn't even join up in the middle.

A fine mess - spaceman's second attempt is complicated by the vast number of clues on offer.  Lots and lots of short words.

Getting the hang of things - as the title suggests, spaceman was beginning to get to grips with setting cryptic clues.

Mixing it - heralded by some as spaceman's most coherent, and therefore best, effort yet.  A good mixture of different types of clues and challenging but not too hard.

Little teaser - a small crossword, ideal for filling a short break between the tiresome duties of life, such as work and shopping.

Crosswords from the cosmos

As always, readers are welcome to send in their own efforts and to start the ball rolling, there is a mini-crossword from an avid fan of the website...

A little fun - "Not for the aficionado, but a small puzzler for the more laidback crossword doer." - Henry