Review - Dalton Café

Dalton Café

Dalton Café, opposite The Restaurant on John Dalton Street, is one of THE classic places in town to visit on the (blurry) morning after the (heavy) night before.  Cheap, moderately cheerful and totally unpretentious, spaceman has nursed many a severe hangover here.

The place seems to have recently been taken over by Essy's, but the menu thankfully remains the same (they now have a takeaway menu above the counter, painstakingly chalked, and it seems that the kitchen is now more visible from the eating area - or is that spaceman's imagination?).  First choice for any Dalton Café virgin has to be the Dalton Challenge.  It comprises 2 sausages, 2 eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, eggs, tinned tomatoes, fried bread, hash browns, black pudding, mushrooms and a small mountain of well-buttered toast.  Phew!  Always a source of well-needed, beer-soaking stodge.  A more standard-sized and vegetarian options are also available.

However, they do much more than breakfasts.  Customers can get virtually anything, ranging from burgers and toasties, to pizzas and jacket spuds (however, spaceman has never ventured into this area of the menu).  Service is usually swift and friendly.  And the prices are very reasonable - it's around £4-5 for the Challenge.  You won't need to eat again after one of them for a while.

Dalton Café:  17 John Dalton Street, 832 3588


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