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Ok, so we have a restaurant review page to cater for the evening meal, but what if you're wandering around the centre of Manchester before 6pm, say, and you're feeling a little bit on the empty side (gastronomically rather than spiritually)?  Of what if you've been around town sampling the many delights of the Manchester social experience (i.e. you've been out on the razz) and you're hankering for some quality nutrition to round off a fabulous night?  Well, in either case, this is the page for you...




Spaceman has found nothing better than the Dalton Café for a classic fry-up, with a very good combination of the basic fry-up ingredients complimenting each other well, and for little cost.  Nowhere else quite hits the spot in the same way.


The Dalton Challenge is a dependable way of ensuring that lunch is not necessary, but even that is dwarfed by the Big Boy's breakfast available at the little café on Bridge Street.  The amount put on your plate is obscene and enough to defeat all but a committed few.  Worth a try once in a while.  Well, it would be if it were still open.


A place to avoid is Atlas.  Horrendously expensive for what you get, they even have the cheek to charge to £2 for toast that you haven't even asked for.  Tch.  And it's not as if the food is particularly great.  When you seek a stodgy breakfast, you're not looking for nouveau cuisine




A trickier one this, since lunch can take many forms, but one of spaceman's faves is the Mark Addy (situated near the bottom of Bridge Street, just over the river) where for four quid you can get a couple of slabs of virtually any cheese you can think of, accompanied by some deliciously fresh bread and a help-yourself portion of gherkins and pickled onions.  You can also get paté (yuk) if that's what tickles your fancy.  Spaceman is a big cheese fan and this place gets a thumbs up.  You can also visit its sister pub, Dukes 92.


Another place to try is Sam's Chop House (or its sister pub, Mr Thomas's Chop House).  At either of these pubs, there is a varied selection of freshly made sandwiches, which come with a portion of chips and a side salad.  Spaceman recommends the chicken and stuffing on a big white bap.




When it's got to the stage where you've had your lot beer-wise, and it's time to soak up those alcoholic fluids with a bit of food, there's plenty of choice to be had in the streets of Manchester.  Well, spaceman can recommend barney's gaff for bacon and cheese sandwiches (see the end of Day 9).  In terms of more accessible places, however, there’s Maxwell’s Chippy on Bloom Street, which has provided post-slow pub crawl alcohol soakage on many a night.  And the Station Chippy at the Piccadilly Bus Station is also worth a mention.


Spaceman also remembers an old favourite.  Generally following a night at Fifth Avenue, a great indie club on the student side of town, spaceman and friends would pay a visit to Monsoon's (nearly opposite the BBC building).  The standard order was for a chicken tikka kebab (sometimes with a portion of chips to be eaten while in the queue for the kebab-service bit).  Many a time spaceman uttered these fateful words: "no cucumber and none of that white stuff, but loads of everything else".  Ah, those were the days.