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The Rules of Engagement for the Central Manchester Slow Pub Crawl are as follows:


(i)  One beer must be consumed in each pub, and one beer only.  There are no restrictions on the type of beer consumed, but any beer on draught should first be considered.  Bottled beers are allowed only as a last resort.


(ii)  To qualify for the pub crawl, the establishment must be free to get in (at least for the majority of the time), and have a bar at which beer can be ordered.  It must not be members only.  Restaurants are only allowed if it is established practice to be able to sit and just consume an alcoholic drink.


(iii)  The pub must be within the Manchester inner ringroad, which is designated as the River Irwell (which serves as the Manchester-Salford boundary) to the west, Trinity Way and Miller Street to the north, and Swan Street and Great Ancoats Street to the east, and the Mancunian Way to the south.  Pubs on the inside pavement of this boundary edge are allowed, but not those on the outer pavement.


(iv)  We reserve the right to make a swift exit if threatened by nasty-looking locals, but this does not include toothless old ladies.


(v)  We must debate at length at each pub with a pool table whether or not to play pool.  This debate should cover areas such as whether there are any mad people clearly nearby and how lazy we're feeling.


(vi)  There is no "three strikes and out" rule to be applied to any particular pub (e.g. Bar 10).  Persistency and commitment are the watchwords (those and "pissheads").


(vii)  And finally, we are not going to be visiting any hotel bars on our travels, unless they form a separate pub in their own right (such as The Portland Arms).  So this discounts such places as Malmaison, the Castlefield Hotel and, er, the Ibis.  Or maybe we will.  We haven't completely decided yet.


(viii)  Our final rule is that we are entitled to make up the rules as we go along and, more specifically, that we can choose to go to any bar we damn well like.