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Ham & Cream Cheese Salad Roll


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Lessons In Cookery


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Cooking skill level 2: A Bit Crap

ii.  Ham & cream cheese salad roll



There isn't much to this recipé, but that's because it is very simple.  After all, how much can there be to making a cold sandwich (as opposed to the more complex "hot sandwich" - see the chicken club sandwich if you are not convinced by that statement).  This particular sandwich is best made with fresh ingredients, particularly the bread.  For that reason, it is very good for a Saturday lunch, when you have had time to pop to the supermarket to pick up some fresh bread.  The ingredients are shown here.



Step 1 - Prepare the bread

The first crucial thing that you need to decide, in fact the only crucial thing you need to decide, is how hungry you are and therefore how big a piece of the bread roll you want to have all to yourself.  Spaceman was feeling hungry when this sandwich was made, not as bad as Could Eat A Horse or Ravenous To The Point Of Physical Sickness, but certainly the wrong side of Quite A Bit Peckish Actually and Don't Mind If I Do.  The size of the bread reflects that.




Step 2 - Compile the sandwich

It is very much recommended that you are generous with the cream cheese and the ham.  Here, spaceman has gone for a classic from childhood, Dairylea, the taste of which spaceman has never quite grown out of.  Smother the bread on both sides with a thick layer of the cream cheese, than put a couple of pieces of ham on one side.  Like so.




Ok, so the fun stuff has gone on.  Time to fill up the sandwich with some healthy stuff, which nevertheless give maintain the fresh taste.  Chop up the lettuce and spring onions, and slice the tomatoes thickly.  The picture below shows this on all its glory.



Stuff in the chopped salad ingredients into the sandwich in any order you please, but make sure you go with tomatoes first, then spring onions, followed by lettuce.  Top it with a generous sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper and serve on a plate.  Obviously.




And here's a tempting close-up to finish with.  Fancy some?


Utensils required

Chopping board

Bread knife

Chopping knife

Spreading knife



Fresh bread roll

Cream cheese

Sliced ham



Spring onions





Preparation time

5 minutes


Cooking time