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8 July 2009 - all PS3 games owned by The Players put on The Games page

Late June/early July - broadband finally up and running, as are the pages for Drivers and Platformers


16 June 2009 - no internet access, but Fighters is mostly completed, and pages are set up for the other genres (if not uploaded)

8 June 2009 - added a page for Warhawk and linked individually to The Players

7 June 2009 - revamped the format of PS3 corner very slightly, and added a page for Call Of Duty 4


May 2009 - channelled some new found creative energy into producing a page for Shooters


April 2009 - finally some action: updated The Players page for new players; also added The Genres, and a new plan was forming


October 2008 - The Ratings page done (although looking back, nothing was actually added, and it has since been removed)


Not a lot happened in between here once the COD4 night disbanded, following the release of Grand Theft Auto 4 [link needed]...


14 April 2008 - further COD4 Night details added

10 April 2008 - COD4 Night expanded, slight change in page design

3 March 2008 - PS3 corner pages re-designed, with main page and COD4 Night elements added

24 February 2008 - initial player descriptions put up