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The current craze (in April 2008), or passing fad, was multi-player online Call Of Duty 4 (COD4) action, with Tuesday meant to be the formal MP action night (COD4 Night), but in reality most nights were COD4 nights.  A roll call if you will, starting with the COD4 players, but also including other PS3 friends of spaceman:




A little late to the PS3 world, relatively speaking, but got a good deal (price-wise) for waiting.  Now rediscovering childhood but in new HD, wireless online, seventh generation gaming era.  Likes to play for fun but still gets alarmingly sucked in, much to the mild annoyance of spacegirl.  COD4 tactic of running around like a headless chicken (a la Unreal Tournament or Warhawk) doesn't work so well, so learning to adapt.  Happy with either shooters (COD4, Warhawk) or strategy (Civilization 4).  Tends to go through phases of playing a game at a time until bored.




Aka mayhem aka The_Stott_Junior, mayhem is fiercely competitive (see The_Stott), a trait observable by the audible headset groans whenever he is shot in COD4.  Likes to buy the latest games on the day they are out (see COD4, Unreal Tournament 3, etc).  Drove himself near crazy trying to unlock the best cars on Sega Rally.  Admirably prefers study these days (well, not prefers exactly), but that won't last forever.  Current craze is Fifa 2008, if only because of getting it for 2.98 and managing to beat The_Stott.




Aka The_Stott_Senior, The_Stott has a strong drive to play every game he likes to perfection/death, beating fellow game-players (especially mayhem) and rubbing their noses in it.  Obtains strong standards this way, mostly by utilising both in-game knowledge and more advanced vehicles/weapons/etc to attempt to retain dominance.  Met his match in Ogasawara2, though.  Likes to hide in corners and first floors of buildings on COD4.




Aka TheBoyBarlow aka TBB aka TeeBeebies, Barlow is also a strong and competitive player (surprising The_Stott with his COD4 skills on the first formal COD4 evening), with a history of Pro Evolution Soccer obsession (he and spaceman have had some ding dong battles over the years, remaining probably about even overall).  Likes to lie on the floor in COD4 in a most annoying fashion.  Gets frustrated with games when they don't go his way (Streetfighter IV, for example).




Aka Fletch, aka TheBoyWithAnEmbarrassingPS3Name, Fletch was fairly new to the COD4 arena but within a short space of time impressively flew past mayhem and spaceman on in-game playing time (and now has the full prestiging in sights after over 15 days of in-game action).  Mainly uses headset to curse on COD4 where possible, which has now been played to death.  Also spent copious amounts of PS3 time playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Need For Speed: Pro Street.  Very quick to invest in new trend (COD4, headset, etc) and needs little persuasion, but tends to treat games rather obsessively.



Aka Harry, Oga is clearly blessed with joypad hands, based on the evidence of his skill at Pro Evolution Soccer (but don't mention the new version) and Call Of Duty 4.  Clearly spent far too much time on computer games in his lifetime (which is saying something given the above list of players).




Yet to appear due to network problems.  Sort it out!  (Can't believe that this is still the case some considerable time later.)




Aka Jacob, jake likes to hang around in skips (in COD4), although steady and regular practice has rendered this strategy less well used.  A friend of mayhem.  Disappeared around the globe and not seen online for some time.




Aka Ross, Mrs_Ross is another PS3-owning friend of mayhem's, but chooses to immerse himself in the PS3 world (crazy amount of playing time) rather than join in with our fun MP games.  Like jake, much more offline than on these adts.




A friend of spaceman, has all three major consoles (PS3, XBox360 and Wii), so understandably divided between them.  Gaming skill unknown but likely to be sound given console pedigree.




Another friend of spaceman and a recent addition to the PS3 world.  Currently discovering the charms of COD4 and its semi-sequel COD5.