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Address.  High Street, Manchester, M4.

Directions.  In between Shudehill and Tib Street.

Map.  Click here.

Phone number.  0871 207 1773.

Website.  Click here.


Key facts

Opening hours.  12 - 10.30pm Tuesday to Saturday, 12 - 4pm Sunday, closed Monday.

Happy hours.  Not the place really.

Draught lagers available.  None.

Nearby pubs.  Bluu, Rodeo, Common, Socio Rehab.



Do say.  I like my roast with a Bloody Mary.

Don't say.  Could you not have thought of a better name?

Not to be confused with.  The Restaurant Bar & Grill.

Smells like.  An empty restaurant/bar during summer.

Other notable features.  Outdoor tables next to Grade 2 listed wall.

Page last updated.  August 2006.


Internal links

Slow pub crawl entry.  Not applicable.

Restaurant link.  Not applicable.

Pub stagger entry.  Click here.


Spaceman/barney rating:  7/10


Pool table.  No.

Jukebox.  No.

Quiz machines.  No.

Fruit machines.  No.

TV facilities.  No.



Menu.  Very upmarket with lots of words (including phrases such as "terrine" and "on a bed of").

Quality.  Meant to be good.

Bar snacks.  None.

Nearby outlets.  Hunters BBQ & Takeaway.



Location.  Far left, past bar.

Quality.  Well kept and nice-smelling (there is an auto-smeller thing).

Quantity.  1 cubicle, 1 urinal, 1 hand dryer.