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Not satisfied with the superb journalistic work done in the slow pub crawl, spaceman has decided to do a complete pub guide to the bars in Manchester.  The pub crawl has been fun, and the diary is clearly a witty and informative account of spaceman and barney's crazy alcoholic journey, but it doesn't really cover all of the information you need to know, such as 'what time does it shut on a Friday night?', 'what lagers are on draught?' and 'what does it smell like?'.  And that is what this pub guide aims to do.


Spaceman intends to focus on the bars covered in the pub crawl, mainly because we'll have been to them all, and also because they're nearer.  But it won't exclusively cover the bars within the inner ring road.  Indeed, spaceman will be very pleased to put any pub in Greater Manchester into this guide, although preferably readers of these pages will submit the information for those themselves, by emailing spaceman.


Last updated: October 2007.  Pub stagger 4 & 5 pubs finally put on.




Central Manchester pubs:


Bay Horse (The)

Beer House (The)


Britons Protection (The)


Café Rouge (Printworks)

Choice Bar & Restaurant

City Road Inn


Crown & Cushion (The)

Crown & Kettle (The)

Ducie Bridge (The)

Dukes 92

Hard Rock Café

Henry J. Beans Bar And Grill


Lloyds No. 1

Norwegian Blue


Old Orleans (The)

Ox (The)

Northern Quarter Restaurant & Bar (The)

Pitcher & Piano


Rain Bar



Tiger Tiger

Waxy O'Connors

White Lion (The)


Salford pubs

Albert Vaults

Egerton Arms

Kings Arms

Mark Addy

Salford Arms