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Address.  43 Liverpool Road, Castlefield, M3.

Directions.  Head down from Deansgate near the Hilton tower and it's on the left hand side.

Map.  Click here.

Phone number.  832 7373.

Website.  No.


Key facts

Opening hours.  Probably normal

Happy hours.  None.

Draught lagers available.  Carlsberg, Castlemaine XXXX, Stella (plus lots of draught bitters).

Nearby pubs.  Cask, The Ox, Dimitri's, The Deansgate.



Do say.  What time does the barge leave?

Don't say.  What time can I leave?

Not to be confused with.  Red Lion.  White House.

Smells like.  Light wood.

Other notable features.  A painting of the pub itself.

Page last updated.  October 2007.


Internal links

Slow pub crawl entry.  Click here.

Restaurant link.  Not applicable.

Pub stagger entry.  Click here.


Spaceman/barney rating:  5/10


Pool table.  No.

Jukebox.  No.

Quiz machines.  No.

Fruit machines.  One.

TV facilities.  Yes, with Sky.



Menu.  Good old-fashioned Northern grub.

Quality.  Not tried.

Bar snacks.  Walkers, Quavers, etc.

Nearby outlets.  The Fish Hut on Liverpool Road (not open later than Thursday/Friday tea time, though - just go to Akbar's if you are hungry).  (There used to be a pizza place but it didn't last long.)



Location.  To the right of the bar.

Quality.  Memory is too vague.

Quantity.  See above.