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A fiendishly addictive game, Tontie was discovered by spaceman in early 2004 thanks to barney.  It's the classic, er, bang-the-head-on-the-popping-up-men type game, although the creatures you have to hit are strange one-eyed things using the numeric keypad.  The levels get increasingly complicated as some require one hit, others two, and later more, whereas others can only be hit at certain times.  Failure to hit any of them and your heart reduces, which it also does when you hit a number of items you must avoid.  As if this isn't enough, the action speeds up relentlessly, until your fingers need to be a blur just to keep up.  It's this part that is the most addictive - the early levels become painfully slow after a while.  It's well worth a try.  Spaceman's best score is currently 77,080 (achieved by level 14, which feels like light speed on this PC).  For hints and tips on how to play the game, click here.


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Hints and tips for Tontie:

Hit empty square = lose 2 bits of heart

Let alien drop without hitting = lose 4? bits of heart

Heart left behind = restore 1 bit of heart

Coin = used to buy extras from shop (which pops up occasionally)


Shop goodies

Bronze hammer = 150 coins

Silver hammer = 200 coins

Gold hammer = 300 coins

Speed = 80 coins

Extra heart = 150 coins

Replenish 1 heart = 80 coins

Replenish 2 hearts = 120 coins

Replenish 3 hearts = 150 coins


The levels

Level 1 - green alien - 1 hit - score 10 points - leaves behind coin, heart or nothing (mixed goodies)

Level 2 - red alien - 2 hits or 1 hit with bronze hammer or better - 15 points - mixed goodies

Level 3 - spike-ball - lose 4 bits of heart - bronze hammer or better gives heart and 50 points

Level 4 - number pod - 1 hit - 40 points - mixed goodies

Level 5 - yellow alien - 1 hit (when eye open) - 30 points - leaves 3 coins

Level 6 - blue alien with no face - lose 1 coin - gold hammer gives two coins + ? points

Level 7 - green alien with spike-ball - 1 hit when spike not raised (otherwise lose 6? bits of heart) - gives 50 points and mixed goodies

Level 8 - bomb - hitting loses 2 full hearts

Level 9 - red alien with spike-ball - 2 hits or 1 with bronze hammer or better (otherwise lose 6? bits of heart) - gives 100 points and mixed goodies

Level 10 - blue alien with bomb head - 3 hits or 2 with bronze hammer or 1 with silver or gold hammer when bomb down (lose 2 full hearts if bomb up) - gives 200 points and 3 coins

Level 11 - as level 10 but faster

Level 12 - as level 11 but faster

Level 13 - as level 12 but faster

Level 14 - as level 13 but faster


And that is as far as spaceman has got (although understands from the internet that there are no new developments - just extra speed).  Spaceman's preferred tactic is to save up 200 coins straight away and then purchase (via the shop) a silver hammer.  This means that all aliens can be taken out with 1 hit, and it also enables spike-balls to be hit for hearts.  Then save a further 80 coins for speed (essential for the later levels).  Finally, provided you have enough heart left (i.e. you don't need to use the money to replenish it), extend the heart capacity from 4 to 5 and then to the maximum 6 at a cost of 150 coins each.  The remainder can be used to replenish hearts.


If you do happen to have plenty of money (and at the same time full hearts) then you can upgrade to the gold hammer.  It is possible to go to the gold hammer at first (at the price of 300 coins), but you run the risk of meeting the red alien with spike-ball whilst still having just a regular hammer (and slow speed).  The advantage is that it gives 2 coins from a blue alien with no face (rather than losing 1), but this is not the top priority - hitting the right aliens (and at the right time) and avoiding the bombs is.  The later levels are so fast that it is not worth it (or indeed possible) to collect all the coins anyway.