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One of the most popular genres is the sport, the latest illustration of which to have caught spaceman's roving eye being Stick Cricket.  It has limited graphics but is an addictive test of your reactions as you attempt, from the batsman's perspective, to slog the required runs of 10 overs.


Spaceman has secured all the codes available from defeating all the opponent countries (click here for details).  Focus then turns to getting on the daily scoreboard, which spaceman has not yet managed, despite a top score of 227-4 off 10 overs.  Repeatedly playing this 10-over slog gives many other codes unlocking other modes, such as the 20-over slog (top score to date: 388-8) and 50-over slog (top score to date: 496 all out off 25.3 overs).  Clearly the scoring is not realistic, but who cares!


An old favourite is Denise Lewis Heptathlon of which spaceman never quite managed the status of office champion, managing only second behind the true master, young Tommy K (from memory, he achieved a score of over 12,000).  It's of the classic Daley Thompson Decathlon variety, whereby repeated bashing of the keyboard is required, and the sight of TK's two index fingers moving in harmony as a complete blur was something to behold.


Another of Tommy K's (and spaceman's) favourites is Kicking King, which requires a little more finesse than the keyboard-destroying Denise Lewis Heptathlon.  The key to success is timing of the kicks and the judgement of the wind factor.  The current version is based around the 2003 World Cup and so you can take aim in the Australian grounds in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, which feature progressively more difficult weather conditions.  You can choose from a range of different international kickers, including Jonny W, and you then have to negotiate three levels, each, as gaming tradition dictates, getting trickier than the last.  And it does get tricky.


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Teams and codes for Stick Cricket:

Canada (no code required)

Holland (martyn)

Namibia (pangio)

Bangladesh (batty)

Kenya (sheridan)

Zimbabwe (ollie)

West Indies (lard)

India (kingbilly)

Pakistan (weegordon)

New Zealand (sniffer)

Sri Lanka (meggiemoo)

South Africa (tilly)

Australia (bennyboy)


10-over slog for leaderboard (panda)

20-over slog (twenty)

50-over slog (fifty)

Spin bowling (spin)

Slow bowling (slow)

Fast bowling (bouncers)

Hard bowling (hard)
Random bowling (random)