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So, hardened drinker, eh?  Wanna know where you can get cheap beers in town, do you?  Well, below is a list of the offers available at the moment (well, at the moment the research was done, i.e. a long time ago).  Spaceman takes no responsibility for the happy hour information being incorrect, etc blah.

Baa (Deansgate Locks):  Monday to Thursday, all shooters, bottled beers & alcopops £1 each (open until 2am every night)

Chez Gérard (King Street):  not known - to be updated

Persia (off Peter Street):  4-7:30pm, Monday to Saturday, all bottled beers, cocktails & jugs half price

Prague 5 (Canal Street):  4-10pm, every day, offers on pints of Heineken (£1.20), Boddingtons (£1.20), Red Stripe (£1.40), bottles of Stella (£1.60) and Vodka Source (£1.60), 175ml glasses of house wine (£1.80), and shots of sambuca and tequila (£1.20)  [NB: the prices have been increased slightly since this was done - will be updated soon]

Slice (Cooper Street):  not known - to be updated

Taurus (Canal Street):  4-7pm, every day, cocktails and doubles with mixers £3 each

Tiger Tiger (Printworks):  5-7pm, every day, cocktails £2.50, cocktail jugs £7.50, £1 off all spirits, £6 off all bottles of wine/champagne (excluding house wine)

Velvet (Canal Street):  4-7pm, every day, 1/2 price cocktails, selected bottles of wine £4.95 each

If you have any more information, just email spacemanmelonfarmer.  You know you want to.