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Situated in the heart of Castlefield, Dukes 92, which  gets its name from the fact that it lies next to Lock No. 92 on the nearby Rochdale Canal, really comes into its own on hot summer afternoons or evenings.  With plenty of outdoor seating, there are often events being staged nearby, while the café bar inside offers a range of cold snacks, the highlight of which is the vast selection of cheeses and paté.  In the summer, a barbecue is normally set up outside too (which spaceman can definitely recommend).


With so many varieties of cheese on offer, it will take plenty of visits to get through them all.  The huge wedges of crusty granary bread are a tasty accompaniment.  Draught beers to wash it all down with include Heineken, Stella and Hoegaarden.  Nice.


On a recent visit, the soup of the day was broccoli and stilton, which was rich and cheesy, and very tasty.


33 Collier Street

Phone number:

839 8646