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El Rincon is difficult to find for the newcomer - in fact, a lot of people probably won't have heard of it, due to its tucked away position.  The best way to describe its location is probably as behind both Deansgate and Quay Street.


The menu contains a large selection of offerings, with an extra menu of current specials, in case you get bored with the regulars.  Food is brought quickly - ideal if you're in a hurry - but no rush is necessary.  There is none of the 40 minute where's-our-food waits like in La Tasca.  It is almost as if they clock customers as they trot down the stairs and pre-empt what to cook accordingly.  As soon as they spaceman hungrily advancing through the entrance, they must get the chorizo on (for the uninitiated, this is slightly spicy sausage, dry cured in garlic and paprika - try it).


Complementary bread is served as an appetiser, and is usually swiftly delivered followed soon by your ordered dishes.  Patatas bravas are a favourite (again), which tend to vary in spiciness.  (On a recent visit, two successive portions were ordered, the first being quite mild, the second needed dousing with cold lager.)


Great place this, fairly certainly spaceman's favourite in town, although recently it has been getting increasingly busy, with pre-booking very much recommended.


More background information better put can be found here.


244 Deansgate

Phone number:

839 8819