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Alas Zizzi is now no more, being currently in the process of opening as a differently-named Italian, the name of which escapes spaceman (San something).  Here's what spaceman thought of Zizzi...


One of the better Italians to grace Manchester, Zizzi, replacing Ask, has started to flourish after a slow start.  The restaurant is very much open plan, with a lounge area at the far-right and the pizzeria oven clearly visible from most of the restaurant.  Indeed, it is very much worth going just for the pizzas, as they are the most authentic that spaceman has found in Manchester, with light, thin bases and measured toppings.  Moretti's served in chilled glasses and a delicious creamy chicken bruschetta starter make this one of spaceman's regulars.


42a King Street West

Phone number:

839 0111