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Address.  Printworks, Manchester, M4.

Directions.  In the Printworks, to the right of the southern entrance.

Map.  Click here.

Phone number.  385 8080.

Website.  Try here.


Key facts

Opening hours.  Dunno.

Happy hours.  None.

Draught lagers available.  Stella, Amstel, Staropramen, Heineken.

Nearby pubs.  Lloyds No 1, Henry J. Beans, Puremagic, Old Orleans, Norwegian Blue, Waxy O'Connors, Café Rouge, Hard Rock Café.



Do say.  So many bars, so little time.

Don't say.  You're a tiger, grrrrrr.

Not to be confused with.  Tiger Lounge.

Smells like.  Posh people's houses.

Other notable features.  Big-ass metal tiger.  Lots of bars.

Page last updated.  November 2007.


Internal links

Slow pub crawl entry.  Click here.

Restaurant link.  Not applicable.

Pub stagger entry.  Click here.


Spaceman/barney rating:  5.5/10


Pool table.  No.

Jukebox.  No.

Quiz machines.  No.

Fruit machines.  No.

TV facilities.  Yes - with Sky News on.



Menu.  Not visible (it was late in the evening).

Quality.  Not bad, we reckon.

Bar snacks.  None.

Nearby outlets.  Er, Nando's?  Yum Yum?



Location.  Downstairs, and double back on yourself.

Quality.  Ok but empty.

Quantity.  3 units of urinals, 2 dumpsters and 4 cubicles.