Waxy O'Connors


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Address.  Printworks, Manchester, M4.

Directions.  In the Printworks, on the Corporation Street side.

Map.  Click here.

Phone number.  835 1210.

Website.  Go to waxyoconnors.com.


Key facts

Opening hours.  Open until 11.30pm on weeknights, 1am on Friday, 2am on Saturday.

Happy hours.  No.

Draught lagers available.  Stella, Carling, Kronenbourg, Fosters.

Nearby pubs.  Lloyds No 1, Henry J. Beans, Puremagic, Old Orleans, Norwegian Blue, Café Rouge, Hard Rock Café, Tiger Tiger.



Do say.  Is this carved out of one large piece of wood?

Don't say.  I'm lost.  Where am I?

Not to be confused with.  Tom O'Connor.  O'Shea's.  Des O'Connor.  Ruby Wax.

Smells like.  Wood.

Other notable features.  A free maze.

Page last updated.  November 2007.


Internal links

Slow pub crawl entry.  Click here.

Restaurant link.  Not applicable.

Pub stagger entry.  Click here.


Spaceman/barney rating:  6.5/10


Pool table.  No.

Jukebox.  No.

Quiz machines.  No.

Fruit machines.  Yes.

TV facilities.  No.



Menu.  Burgers, sarnies, etc.

Quality.  Stopped serving at 5pm.

Bar snacks.  Salt and vinegar snacks.

Nearby outlets.  Er, Nando's?  Yum Yum?



Location.  Round to the, er, far side (difficult to say without a cartographer and compass).

Quality.  Petite but acceptable.

Quantity.  4 urinals, 2 dumpsters, 2 (or so) sinks.