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Address: 32 Bridge Street, City Centre


Phone number: 0161 537 3737


Rating: 4/5


Visited by the Curry Night on: Thursday 20th October 2022 (1)




General comments: An upmarket chain of curry houses (although spaceman once got corrected by the waiter when referring to it as such - but they do curries, so spaceman is unrepentant), there has been nominations for this venue for a while, but it had proved elusive.  That remained the case for our late 2022 visit since the booking spaces filled up more quickly than responses could be sought, and even when we did get in, it had to be a set menu at a relatively early time in the evening (6.30pm).  The latter did at least avoid a late night but the former, which is something spaceman strenuously tries to avoid (but there was no dice here), led inevitably to the popular food getting consumed and the less universally liked food left over, but still paying the cost of everything.






Thursday 20th October 2022



"Iíll do this before I forget like I usually do. I like dishoom but think it proved why you usually try to avoid set menus, as there was too much food & too much that no-one really wanted/felt like filler. How many okra fries can anyone eat? I think we were all a bit shocked at the price at the end, a combo of paying for food we didnít want/eat and eye watering drinks prices (which are probably in line with other places, but took me by surprise!). I still like dishoom but wouldnít recommend either the set menu or asking the waiter for a glass of house wine & letting him choose! Thanks for organising"