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It was only a matter of time before barney and spaceman got back on the beer bus and, er, drove around town in search of pub-related adventures.  The central Manchester slow pub crawl was a woozy diary covering every pub we could find over a period of two and a half years, and it can't really be repeated (except perhaps for a one-off reprise to take in any pubs we missed, or any new pubs).  It was also limited by the inner ring road.


The latest pub-obsessed development is the Manchester pub guide, which intends to be a current and comprehensive catalogue of drinking holes in and about Manchester, and not necessarily restricted to the pub crawl boundary.


However, there has been no real impetus behind the pub guide research, not helped by barney working in Leeds.  But, with barney (predominantly) back in Manchester, and the boozy sunshine months approaching, spaceman has come up with the idea of doing a Manchester "pub stagger".


This will involve a relaxed, laidback stroll around a selection of closely located pubs with a view to obtaining crucial information for the pub guide (such as location of toilets, etc) and taking snaps while we go.


The first such adventure took place on Wednesday 12th April and it was a historic, if hazily-remembered, moment.  There was a big gap between pub staggers 5 and 6, for which we apologies.  We'll try not to let it happen again.


Pub Stagger 1 - North Of The Border - Wednesday 12th April 2006


Pub Stagger 2 - Hung, Drawn & Northern Quartered - Tuesday 6th June 2006


Pub Stagger 3 - The Castlefield Run - Thursday 17th August 2006


Pub Stagger 4 - Works Night Out - Tuesday 28th November 2006


Pub Stagger 5 - West Side Story - Tuesday 30th January 2007


Pub Stagger 6 - Storm The Castle - Wednesday 16th July 2008