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Live list:

Akbar's Asha's Dishoom EastzEast (Blackfriars) ♦ Indian Tiffin Room Lal Qila (Rusholme) ♦ Lal Qila/Imli (town)? ♦ Mowgli Street Food Mughli RajdootSangam (town) ♦ Scene Wah Ji Wah Ziya Zouk



Al Bilal Al Nawaz Ashoka Bollywood MasalaEastzEast (Princess Street) Hanaan (Rusholme) Karims Khan Ba Ba King Cobra Lal Haweli Lights Of India Punjab Royal Naz Sangam (Rusholme) Shahenshah Shahi Masala Shezan Spicy Hut Shaandaar Shimla Pinks Swadesh [now Sangam] Zaika (Rusholme) Zaika (town)





Where: Central Manchester

Features: Classier joints with better food but higher prices.

Places to go: Historically, a dead heat between Akbar's, at that time the brash newcomer which is almost always crammed full, and Shimla Pinks, old hand which was awaiting new venue for re-launch.  Shimla Pinks shut, Akbar's alienated some, the choice expanded enormously and the competition is a lot more even.  Hard to say these days, basically.


Do say: So many.  Which would you recommend?

Don't say: I prefer Rusholme - it's the neon and the tradition.


Reviewed: Akbar's Asha's EastzEast (Blackfriars)Indian Tiffin Room Lal Qila (Imli)? ♦ Mowgli Street Food Rajdoot Sangam (formerly Swadesh) Scene Wah Ji Wah Zouk

Not yet reviewed:

No longer with us: Ashoka Bollywood MasalaEastzEast (Princess Street)Gaylord Hanaan Karims Khan Ba Ba Lights Of India Shimla PinksSpice ♦ Taj ♦ Zaika



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Where: Rusholme

Features: Lots of restaurant choice, neon heaven, quality on the decline, food hygiene and fraud controversies.

Places to go: Al Bilal and Lal Haweli are old favourites that don't seem to have gone downhill too much.


Do say: I love the smell of Rusholme in the morning.

Don't say: The Curry Mile is old hat these days.


Reviewed: Lal Qila Mughli Sangam Ziya

Not yet reviewed: Tabak ♦ Any others?

No longer with us: Al BilalAl Nawaz Hanaan King Cobra Lal Haweli Punjab Royal Naz Shaandaar Shahenshah Shahi MasalaShere Khan Shezan Spicy Hut Zaika



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Reviews welcome.  [Heaton Tandoori anyone?  Gurkha Grill?  The Great Kathmandu?  Nawaab in Levenshulme?]









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