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Akbar's Al Bilal Al Nawaz Asha's Ashoka [closed] ♦ Bollywood Masala EastzEast (Blackfriars) ♦ EastzEast (Princess Street) ♦ Hanaan (Rusholme) ♦ Indian Tiffin Room ♦ Karims [closed] ♦ Khan Ba Ba [closed] ♦ King Cobra [closed] ♦ Lal Haweli Lal Qila (Rusholme) ♦ Lal Qila/Imli (town) ♦ Lights Of India [closed] ♦ Mowgli Street Food Mughli Punjab Rajdoot Royal Naz [closed] ♦ Sangam (Rusholme) [closed?] ♦ Sangam (town) ♦ Scene Shahenshah Shahi Masala Shezan Spicy Hut Shaandaar [closed] Shimla Pinks [closed] Swadesh  [renamed Sangam] ♦ Zaika (Rusholme) [closed] ♦ Zaika (town) [closed] ♦ Ziya Zouk





Where: Central Manchester

Features: Classier joints with better food but higher prices.

Places to go: Historically, a dead heat between Akbar's, at that time the brash newcomer which is almost always crammed full, and Shimla Pinks, old hand which was awaiting new venue for re-launch.  Shimla Pinks shut, Akbar's alienated some, the choice expanded enormously and the competition is a lot more even.  Hard to say, basically.


Do say: So many.  Which would you recommend?

Don't say: I prefer Rusholme - it's the neon and the tradition.


Reviewed: Akbar's Asha's Ashoka Bollywood Masala EastzEast (Blackfriars)EastzEast (Princess Street) Khan Ba Ba Lal Qila (Imli) ♦ Mowgli Street Food Rajdoot Scene SwadeshZaika Zouk

Not yet reviewed:

No longer with us: Gaylord Hanaan Karims Lights Of India Shimla PinksSpice ♦ Taj



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Where: Rusholme

Features: Lots of restaurant choice, neon heaven, quality on the decline, food hygiene and fraud controversies.

Places to go: Al Bilal and Lal Haweli are old favourites that don't seem to have gone downhill too much.


Do say: I love the smell of Rusholme in the morning.

Don't say: The Curry Mile is old hat these days.


Reviewed: Al BilalAl Nawaz Hanaan Lal Qila Lal Haweli Mughli Punjab Sangam Shahenshah Shahi Masala Shezan Spicy Hut Ziya

Not yet reviewed: Tabak ♦ Any others?

No longer with us: King Cobra Royal Naz Shaandaar Shere Khan Zaika



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Reviews welcome.  [Heaton Tandoori anyone?  Gurkha Grill?  The Great Kathmandu?  Nawaab in Levenshulme?]









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