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Hanaan (Rusholme)





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Address: 54-56 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme


Phone number: 256 4786


Rating: 3.5/5 (down-rated from 4/5 due to lack of a visit in a while)


Visited by the Curry Night on: Thursday 4th November 2004Thursday 26th June 2003Wednesday 1st May 2002Wednesday 10th January 2001 (4)




General comments: This used to be one of the newer kids on the Rusholme block, but not any more.  Spaceman has some good memories of this restaurant, one of which in particular was when spaceman procured three bottles of wine for free (the waiter was under the impression we had made a deal, which spaceman just about managed to pretend to know about).  Spaceman was always impressed with the service (although it's been a while now) and the price (never more than 15 a head, unless you go overboard.


The chicken tikka jalfrezi is well-fired with green chillis and is fairly tasty, while the chicken dupiaza is a savoury taste sensation, packed full of onions (well, it does mean "double onions").  Also recommended are the onion-filled naans.  Only Carlsberg is served on draft (lager-wise), so Indian beer must be sought in bottles.  They subsequently opened another (very similar) restaurant in the centre of town (located on Princess Street), but there is no mention of this on their website - perhaps it is no more.






Thursday 4th November 2004





"Good service, just a shame that they don't serve sizzler dishes for main courses.  Food was above average.  Excellent value for money."






"It was good on the whole.  Starters were dead nice - me and Cmac shared chicken pakora and onion bhaji and both were yummy.  Stepho's chicken shashlik thing looked amazing - I wish I'd had that.  My curry (king prawn karahi) was quite nice.  I think I have said this before but the garlic naan is so disappointing - like a garlic pizza bread.  But they were attentive and I think this is a good to go to know you will have a good meal [kind of place]."






"Starter was absolutely great - seekh kebab - very spicy.  Curry (chicken bhuna as always) was ok; could have done with a bit more, though.  Lacked atmosphere as there was nobody else in there.  Waiters are friendly and polite, and the service is good (as it should be given we were practically their only customers).  Longest naan breads I have ever seen.  Could use them as a sleeping bag at a push."







Thursday 26th June 2003



"One of the better curries I've had in a while.  The fish tikka starter was very nice (and Johno, Saz, Sands and Schoey all had some and seemed to agree as well).  Service was good, but this was probably helped by the fact that we were the only people in there!  I would definitely go back again."






"I thought my curry was a bit crap.  It was a chicken dhansak [surprise!] - it was very watery and then looked as though the chicken pieces had just been put in at the end.  They did do cider on draught , though, which is always a plus [yuk!]"






"I don't like to be critical [perish the thought], but: (i) the chicken tandoori starter was a bit dry.  It looked cool to serve it on a hot plate, but that made eating it a bit difficult.  Also, I burnt my fingers picking up the lemon slice [awww, bless]; (ii) the cider wasn't as good as in Al Bilal; and (iii) the chicken tikka masala was a bit spicy for my tastes [tch, it's a curry not a spag bol].  Apart from that it was really great."






"I thought the meal was OK - especially for the money.  I had a mushroom tikka masala, and would have preferred big chunks of mushroom, but they were thin slices (I know, serves me right for having a mushroom curry).  And Rodge's fish tikka was scrummy - I would go back just for that."