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Sangam [closed?]





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Address: 9-19 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme


Phone number: 257 3922


Rating: 3/5


Visited by the Curry Night on: Thursday 4th May 2006 (1)


Website: None


General comments: A visit in spring 2006 to the place that does the "curry with an egg in it" prompted the following thoughts and feelings (as well as a sustained bout of mint catching).






Thursday 4th May 2006



"Good service - friendly, attentive, not too in your face.  Starter - prawn puri - very good, nicely spicy, very tasty.  Main - chicken bhuna - good quality meat but a bit bland.  Naan - too dry."







"It was really nice but they forgot to bring me my pint.  I think I had to ask for it 3 times (!).  Shocking... [these things happen]"







"Very nice starter.  Main course was probably a mistake in hindsight [this was the piaza, the self-proclaimed King of Hot Curries]  6 mints! [referring to Pogle's and spaceman's joint record, beating Rodge's measly 5.]"






"I thought it was nice...  Fish tikka starter very nice - just a nice piece of fish in spices.  Everyone's main looked decent.  Service was not great - Charls waited about half an hour for a pint after reminding them plenty of times.  And there was that annoying thing about the table [despite booking for 16, they only had a table for 12 available and so had to push up a round table at one end].  Overall, a decent Rusholme curry house."






"Neither the best nor worst curry house I have been to.  My mushroom pakora was a funny shade of luminous orange and the naan bread was a tad burnt, but other than that the food was pretty tasty.  6 out of 10."







"Thought it was excellent.  An excellent suggestion at least!  Definitely one to visit again in the future!  [No, this is not a member of staff at Sangam, but the person who suggested the restaurant in the first place.  And who had the "curry with an egg in it"]