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Shezan [closed]





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Address: 119 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme


Phone number: 224 3116


Rating: 2.5/5


Visited by the Curry Night on: Thursday 17th April 2003  Monday 8th October 2001 (2)


Website: None


General comments: Not to be confused with the other Shezans (there to appear to be three in total), this is the fully licensed Shezan that is described on BT Directory Enquiries as "Shezan International".  Heading from Manchester, it is a fair way along the curry mile and on the left.  Forgive spaceman's fairly hazy memory, but from recollection the evening from 2003 was a reasonably enjoyable affair.  Poppadoms were served quickly, with the usual array of chutneys of which the onion chutney is the only one (of the standard three) that spaceman usually touches (normally leading to an onion chutney drought on the table).  Spaceman skipped starter due to a lack of extreme hunger (i.e. the type when it feels like the stomach has begun to eat itself) and in order to save room for the main course.


The main course dish, a chicken tikka jalfrezi (one of spaceman's staples) was quite tasty and dutifully consumed.  Leaving the waiter to sort out the naan breads was a small mistake, however, as he brought far too many of the sweet "peshwari" naans and too few of the plain ones (which we discovered were hidden underneath the novelty breads).  Cobra lager on draught washed it all down, and the overall bill came to around... um... 16 a head (er, spaceman thinks).  But don't just trust what spaceman thinks - ask the people...  That was all a while ago - we haven't been back for years.






17th April 2003



"Well... they didn't seem to know which curry was which.  I think I nearly got a fish madras and Rodge got the wrong drink.  My curry was OK but the garlic naan was more like garlic bread [you just can't beat the plain ones, can you].  And the rice was brown.  I think we've been to better places..."






"The curry wasn't the best I've ever been furnished with by the Shezan.  Mrs P's enlightening views on male/female friendship more than made up for any curry deficiencies, though."