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Another very good tapas place in Manchester (see also El Rincon), Dimitri's is Greek-style rather than El Rincon's Spanish heritage.  There are two parts to it - on the Deansgate side, opposite the new Great Northern development, there is the bar; on the other side, hidden away in a little alley off Liverpool Street, you can find the restaurant.

The bar is ideal for a quick or informal meal (and/or a few drinks), but the deceptively-sized restaurant (there is an almost-hidden downstairs array of tables) is where to go for serious eating.

Among the available tapas dishes, one of the highlights is the array of dips to go with strips of pitta bread.  No visit to Dimitri's is complete without trying the Istanbuli (tomato and coriander) dip - it is sublime.  A fight for the remaining dip left on the plate nearly always ensues.

Other spaceman favourites are patatas bravas (of course) and chorizo (naturally).  On the downside, the cheese pastry triangles tend to be more pastry than cheese (d'oh).  Further dishes include grilled halloumi (quite a salty cheese but still fairly tasty) and lamb meatballs in tomato sauce (quite tasty but nothing special).

A range of authentic Mediterranean beers awaits thirsty visitors.  The service is friendly, the prices very reasonable (30 without tip for a recent meal for two) and the atmosphere almost always buzzing (so much so that booking in advance is usually recommended).  Go now!

In case you don't live in Manchester, there are also Dimitri's in Hale and Leeds, but according to the website these venues do not now have any connection with the Manchester restaurant (er, except the name, surely).


1 Campfield Arcade, Tonman Street (off Deansgate)

Phone number:

839 3319