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This is THE definitive pub A to Z for this website.  It lists ALL pubs in and around Manchester, with links to the slow pub crawl, pub guide and pub stagger pages on this website.  It also gives the current status of the pub and any other useful information.  In short, it is very useful.


Click on the ticks to follow the links.  Obviously, if any of the information contained herein is incorrect, spaceman would like to know.  And damn quickly.  The actual A to Z is quite far down now cos of all the news.


Latest news


July 2008

Ok, been neglecting this for a while, but fear not, a new pub stagger day is coming.  There have been a few more changes in Manchester, unsurprisingly.  New Pitcher & Pianos have opened both under the arches in Salford, and under the archers on Deansgate Locks, replacing Arq and all the millions of places it used to be (Thé, If and Arch 9).  The old Pitcher & Piano near the Bridgewater Hall has been closed since the turn of the year and was set for a while to be reopened as Bar Birolli.  This plan seems now to have been abandoned for now.


Other changes are: The Pig & Porcupine at the south end of Deansgate has been shut for a while now, reopening as an Italian restaurant, Negresco; Revolution has swallowed up Fat Cat Café on Deansgate Locks; what was Bar Med then Cinderella's on Princess Street is now a club called Alter Ego; Via Fossa is now simply Via (grrrr); and finally Villagio is a new place that barney mentioned via text, but seems to be an Italian on Canal Street...?  More soon, bar fans.


December 2007

After a bit of confusion regarding The B Lounge's apparent residence at The Bridge and The Brunswick (all the B's), spaceman has it all sorted now.  Plus Bacchanalia, replacing Simple In The City on Chapel Walks (between Grinch and Sam's Chop House), is a new-ish cocktail bar with an (as yet) untried restaurant upstairs.


October 2007

Some new bars, Trof and TV21 (or something, in the Northern Quarter (the second of which barney says "if it's not owned by the people that own Fab Café then it's the most blatant copy ever seen").  More info from barney: Moon may have shut down, there's a bar called Fifty-Seven round the corner from there that has just opened, and Lord Atterbury's has also been refurbed and got a new name (to be remembered).


September 2007

Life Café is now the Chicago Rock Café.  Probably some other changes too that spaceman can't currently recall.  Also, a new bar in the Leftbank area (behind Spinningfields) is (another!) Café Rouge (not sure whether the Ha Ha! Bar & Grill counts yet - we'll check).


April 2007

Rehashed bars include (deep breath) Slug & Lettuce (formerly RSVP), Joes (formerly Late Lounge), The Market Trader (formerly Dr Livvy's), Mooonlight Bar (formerly The Boat Holes), Chaophraya (formerly Le Figaro) and Chez Gérard (formerly Caffé Uno).  Phew.


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Manchester: A to C


Pub name Pub crawl Pub guide Pub stagger Location Current status Comments
14 Lloyd Street Lloyd St Open?  
All Bar One King St Open  
AM:PM Portland St Renamed Formerly Huxters, then Hugo Mash, now CHe
Ape & Apple, The John Dalton St Open  
Aqua Lower Mosley St Open  
Arch 9 Deansgate Locks Renamed Didn't stay open for very long, formerly If
Arq Deansgate Locks Open? Formerly If and then Arch 9
Athenaeum Spring Gdns Open  
Atlas Deansgate Open  
Audio Lloyd St Open Formerly Tmesis
Autobahn Canal St Renamed Formerly Bar 38, now AXM
AXM Canal St Open  
Baa Bar Deansgate Locks Open  
Baa Bar Sackville St Open  
Baby Grand, The Peter St Open  
Bacchanalia Off Cross St Open Formerly Simple
Bank, The Mosley St Open Formerly the Forgery & Firkin, and The Bank
Bar 38 Canal St Renamed Changed to Autobahn, then AXM
Bar 38 Peter St Open  
Bar 5 Off St Anne's Sq Shut  
Bar Below Canal Street Open?  
Barca Castlefield Open  
Bar Est Lower Mosley St Open Formerly Henry's
Bar Med Deansgate Renamed Now Label
Bar Med Princess St Renamed Now Cindarella's
Bar Risa Chorlton St Open  
Bar Rogue Portland St Open  
Barracuda Peter St Open  
Bay Horse Inn, The Northern Quarter Open  
Bedlam Peter Street Open Formerly Jar Bar
Beer House, The n/a Off Rochdale Rd Open Outside crawl zone
Beluga Off Albert Sq Open Formerly Citrus Bar
Bench, The Off Bridge St Renamed Now Mojo
Bluu Northern Quarter Open  
Boat Holes, The Piccadilly Basin Renamed Formerly Moon, changed to Moonlight Bar
Brannigans Peter St Open  
Brasserie On Portland Portland St Open  
Bridge, The Bridge St Oprn Formerly The Bridge Street Tavern, owned by the B Lounge
Britons Protection, The Lower Mosley St Open  
Brook's High St Renamed Became Dr Livvy's and then The Market Trader
Brunswick, The Piccadilly Open Owned by the B Lounge
Bull's Head, The London Rd Open  
Burton Arms, The Great Ancoats St Open  
Café Centro Tib St Open  
Café Paradiso Piccadilly Open  
Café Rouge Deansgate Open  
Café Rouge The Printworks Open  
Café Rouge Leftbank Open  
Caffé Uno Albert Sq Renamed Now Chez Gérard
Cask Liverpool Rd Open  
Cast Oxford Rd Open New bar (open in Winter 2006)
Castle Hotel Oldham St Open  
Castlefield Hotel Liverpool Rd Open  
Chaophraya Off Cross St Open Formerly Le Figaro
Che Portland St Open Formerly Hugo Mash, before that AM:PM and Huxters
Chez Gérard King St Renamed Now Panama Hatty's
Chez Gérard Albert Sq Open Formerly Caffé Uno
Chicago Rock Café Peter St Open Formerly Life Café
Churchill's Canal St Open  
Choice Castlefield Open  
Cinderella's Princess St Changed Formerly Bar Med, now a club called Alter Ego
Circus Tavern, The Portland St Open  
City, The Oldham St Open  
City Arms, The Off Princess St Open  
City Road Inn Deansgate Locks Open  
Colour Bar, The Off St Anne's Sq Renamed Formerly The Rat & Parrot, now the Yatra Lounge
Comedy Store Bar Deansgate Locks Open  
Commercial Hotel, The Liverpool Rd Open  
Common Northern Quarter Open  
Copacabana Dale St Open  
Copper Faced Jacks Oxford Road Shut  
Corbiéres Off St Anne's Sq Open  
Cord Off Tib St Open
Cornerhouse Bar Oxford Rd Open  
Coyote Chorlton St Open  
Courtney's Parsonage Gdns Renamed Now Yorgios
Crown, The Fountain St Open  
Crown And Anchor, The Cateaton St Open  
Crown And Anchor, The Hilton St Open  
Crown & Cushion, The n/a Corporation St Open Outside crawl zone
Crown & Kettle, The n/a Oldham St Open Outside crawl zone
Cuba Café Port St? Open?  

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Manchester: D to G

Pub name Pub crawl Pub guide Pub stagger Location Current status Comments
Deansgate, The Deansgate Open Formerly Galvin's Bar
Dimitri's Deansgate Open  
Dry Bar Oldham St Open  
Dr Livvy's High St Renamed Formerly Brook's, now The Market Trader
Ducie Bridge, The n/a Corporation St Open Outside crawl zone
Dukes 92 Castlefield Open  
Eden Canal St Open  
Edwards Portland St Open  
Elemental Oxford St Open  
English Lounge, The High St Open Formerly The Hogshead
Exchange Bar St Anne's Sq Open  
Fab Café Portland St Open  
Fat Cat Café Deansgate Locks Absorbed Swallowed up by the behemoth that is Revolution
Fifty-Seven Piccadilly Basin? Open?  
Font, The Off Oxford Rd Open  
Frankie & Benny's St Anne's Sq Open  
Fridays In The City Oldham St Open  
Gaia Sackville St Open  
Gallery, The Portland St Open  
Galvin's Bar Deansgate Renamed Now called The Deansgate
Garrett, The Princess St Open  
Grey Horse Inn Portland St Open  
Grand Central Oxford Rd Open  
Green Room Whitworth St Open  
Grinch Off Cross St Open  
Gulliver's Oldham St Open  

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Manchester: H to M

Pub name Pub crawl Pub guide Pub stagger Location Current status Comments
Havana Off Deansgate Renamed Now The Soundgarden
Hard Rock Café The Printworks Open
Hare And Hound, The Shudehill Open  
Harry's Bar UMIST Open  
Harvey Nichols Exchange Sq Open  
Henry J Beans Bar And Grill The Printworks Open  
Henry's Lower Mosley St Renamed Now Bar Est
Hog's Head, The Deansgate Open  
Hugo Mash Portland St Renamed Formerly Huxters, AM:PM, now Che
Hurricane Bar & Grill Spring Gdns Renamed Formerly Reform, now Room Manchester
Ibis Hotel Bar Portland St Open  
If Bar Deansgate Locks Renamed Changed to Arch 9, and then Arq
Jar Bar Peter St Renamed Now Bedlam
Jim Thompson's Parsonage Gdns Renamed Formerly Henry's, now Revolution.
Joes Oldham St Open Formerly Late Lounge
Jolly Angler, The Ducie St Open  
Joshua Brooks Princess St Open Formerly Sofa
Judas Lounge Off St Anne's Sq Open Formerly The Rat & Parrot, The Colour Bar, and the Yatra Lounge
Jumpin Jaks Portland St Open  
King, The Oldham St Open  
Knott, The Deansgate Open  
Kro2 Oxford Rd Open  
Kro3 Piccadilly Gdns Open  
Label Deansgate Open Formerly Bar Med
Lass O' Gowrie Off Princess St Open  
La Tasca Deansgate Open  
Lava Bar Castlefield Open  
Late Lounge Oldham St Renamed Now Joes
Le Figaro Off Cross St Renamed Now Chaophraya
Life Café Peter St Renamed Now Chicago Rock Café
Lime Bar Off Albert Sq Open  
Living Room, The Deansgate Open  
Lloyds No 1 The Printworks Open  
Loaf Deansgate Locks Open  
Lord Atterbury Great Ancoats St Renamed? Land O' Cakes back in the day, now something else
Lord Nelson Hotel, The Newton St Open  
Lotus King St Open  
Lucid The Printworks Renamed Now Pure
Malmaison Bar Piccadilly Open  
Manto Canal St Open  
Mark Addy, The Bridge St Open Outside crawl zone
Market Trader, The High St Open Formerly Dr Livvy's and before that Brook's
Matt & Phred's Jazz Café Tib St Open  
Millstone Hotel Off Tib St Open  
Mint Lounge Oldham St Open  
Mitre Bar Off Exchange Sq Open  
Mojo Off Bridge St Open Formerly The Bench
Monroes London Rd Open  
Moon Piccadilly Basin Renamed Became The Boat Holes, but now Moonlight Bar
Moon Under Water Deansgate Open  
Moonlight Bar Piccadilly Basin Open Formerly The Boat Holes and before that Moon
Mother Macs Off Piccadilly Gdns Open  
Mr Thomas's Chop House Cross St Open  
Mulligan's Off Bridge St Open  

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Manchester: N to R

Pub name Pub crawl Pub guide Pub stagger Location Current status Comments
Napoleon's Sackville St Open  
New Land O' Cakes, The Great Ancoats St Renamed Now The Lord Atterbury
Nico Central Off Peter St Open  
Night & Day Café Oldham St Open  
Northern Quarter Restaurant & Bar, The Northern Quarter Open  
Norwegian Blue The Printworks Open  
Obsidian Princess St Open  
Odd Northern Quarter Open  
Old Grapes, The Off Quay St Open  
Old Monkey, The Portland St Open  
Old Nags Head, The Lloyd St Open  
Old Orleans, The The Printworks Open  
Old Wellington (Inn), The Off Exchange Sq Open  
Olive Press, The Lloyd St Open  
One Central Street Off Albert Sq Open  
Opus The Printworks Open  
Opus One Peter St Open  
Orchid Lounge Bar Portland St Open  
O'Shea's Whitworth St Open  
Outpost Whitworth St Open  
Overdraught Princess St Open  
Ox, The Liverpool Rd Open  
Paddy's Goose Bloom St Open  
Panacea John Dalton Street Open  
Paparazzi The Printworks Open  
Paramount, The Oxford St Open  
Persia Great Northern Renamed Now Relish
Pesto Deansgate Open  
Peveril Of The Peak Great Bridgewater St Open  
Piccadilly, The Piccadilly Open Formerly Piccadilly Tavern
Piccadilly Tavern Piccadilly Renamed Now The Piccadilly
Pig & Porcupine Deansgate Changed Now an Italian called Negresco
Pitcher & Piano Off Lower Mosley St Shut  
Pitcher & Piano Deansgate Locks Open Formerly a million and one bars, latterly Arq
Podium Deansgate Open  
Po Na Na Souk Bar Charles St Open  
Portland Arms, The Portland St Open  
Portland Bar Portland St Open  
Prague V Canal St Renamed Now called View
Prohibition Off Deansgate Open Formerly Bar 10
Puremagic The Printworks Open Formerly Lucid
Pure Space Off Oxford Rd Open Formerly Generation X
Queer Canal St Open Formerly The Slug & Lettuce
Rain Bar Great Bridgewater St Open  
Rat & Parrot, The Off St Anne's Sq Renamed Changed to The Colour Bar, then the Yatra Lounge
Reef Café Bar, The Piccadilly Station Renamed Now the Terrace Sports Bar
Reform Bar Spring Gdns Renamed Changed to Hurricane Bar & Grill, then Room Manchester
Rembrandt, The Canal St Open  
Relish Great Northern Open Formerly Persia
Restaurant Bar & Grill, The John Dalton St Open  
Retro Bar Sackville St Open  
Revolution Deansgate Locks Open Now includes the bit that was formerly Fat Cat Café
Revolution Oxford Rd Open  
Revolution Parsonage Gdns Open Formerly Jim Thompson's, and before that Henry's
Riki Tiki Tavi The Printworks Open  
Rising Sun, The Lloyd St Open  
Rodeo High St? Open  
Room Manchester Spring Gdns Open Formerly Reform Bar and then Hurricane Bar & Grill
Rothwells Spring Gdns Changed Became Establishment (a restaurant), before coming an upmarket curry house
RSVP Deansgate Renamed Now Slug & Lettuce

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Manchester: S to Z

Pub name Pub crawl Pub guide Pub stagger Location Current status Comments
Salisbury, The Off Oxford Rd Open  
Sam's Chop House Off Cross St Open  
Sawyer's Arms Deansgate Open  
Scu 2 Bar Off Oxford Rd Open  
Seven Oaks China Town Open  
Shakespeare, The Off Market St Open  
Simple Tib St Open  
Sinclair's Oyster Bar Off Exchange Sq Open  
Sir Ralph Abercrombie Off Peter St Open  
Sky Bar (aka Cloud 23) Deansgate Open  
Slice Bar Off Princess St Renamed Now The Tiger Lounge
Slug & Lettuce Albert Sq Open  
Slug & Lettuce Canal St Renamed Now Queer
Slug & Lettuce Deansgate Open Formerly RSVP
Smithfield Hotel & Bar Great Ancoats St Open  
Socio Rehab Northern Quarter Open  
Sofa Princess St Renamed Now Joshua Brooks
Soundgarden Off Deansgate Open Formerly Havana
Spinner's Bar Portland St Open  
Spirit Canal St Open  
Sports Café Quay St Open  
Squares Peter St Open  
Sugar Lounge, The Deansgate Locks Open Guest list only?
Taurus Canal St Open  
Teasers Deansgate Open  
Temple, The Oxford Rd Open  
Terrace Sports Bar, The Piccadilly Stn Open Formerly Reef Bar
Thé Café Bar Deansgate Locks Renamed Renamed as If Bar, then Arch 9, Arq and now the Pitcher & Piano
Thirsty Scholar, The Off Oxford Rd Open  
Thompson Arms, The Sackville St Open  
Tiger Lounge Off Princess St Open Formerly Slice Bar
Tiger Tiger The Printworks Open  
Tmesis Lloyd St Renamed Now Audio
Tribeca Sackville St Open  
Town Hall Tavern Off Cross St Open  
Trof Northern Quarter Open  
TV21 Northern Quarter Open  
Unicorn, The Off Tib St Open  
Union, The Canal St Open  
Velvet Canal St Open  
Via Canal St Open Formerly Via Fossa (grrr)
Via Fossa Canal St Renamed Now called just Via (grrr)
Victoria Station Bar Victoria Stn Open  
View Canal St Open Formerly Prague V
Vine Inn, The Off Princess St Open  
Waldorf Off Piccadilly Open  
Walkabout Quay St Open  
Waxy O'Connors The Printworks Open  
Wave Bar Portland St Open  
Wetherspoon's Waterhouse Piccadilly Gdns Open  
Wheatsheaf, The Off Tib St Open  
Whitehouse, The Ducie St Demolished  
White Lion, The Liverpool Rd Open  
Yates's Piccadilly Stn Open  
Yates's Portland St Open  
Yatra Lounge Off St Anne's Sq Renamed Formerly The Rat & Parrot, then The Colour Bar, now Judas Lounge
Zinc Bar & Grill The Triangle Open  
Zumbar Oxford Rd Open  

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Pub name Pub crawl Pub guide Pub stagger Location Current status Comments
Albert Vaults n/a Chapel St Open Outside crawl zone
Egerton Arms Hotel n/a Off Bridge St Open Outside crawl zone
Kings Arms n/a Off Chapel St Open Outside crawl zone
Mark Addy n/a Bridge St Open Outside crawl zone
Pitcher & Piano n/a Arches Oopen Outside crawl zone
Salford Arms n/a Chapel St Open Outside crawl zone

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