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Spaceman wonders if La Tasca is ever "a bit quiet" and, if so, when.  Every time spaceman has been there, it has always been the busy side of frenetic.  Tables are crammed into every available bit of space.  Maybe they should have invested in a place with, for example, an upstairs.  Anyway, it makes for a busy, noisy atmosphere a lot better suited to pre-empting a night on the tiles than a quiet couple of beers.


Spaceman has frequented La Tasca several times as both a bar and a restaurant and has noticed that they serve beer in either a half-pint glass or in jugs.  What ever happened to the good old pint glass?  But jugs of San Miguel (£6 a go for something like 2 and a bit pints worth - ouch)  are the way to go, especially when most of the rest of the table choose sangria (£11 or so a jug).


Not the best place to go in Manchester for tapas (see El Rincon or Dimitri's) but not bad for a bit of Spanish food and a good time.


The décor is pleasant and modern, with service usually attentive and helpful.  Spaceman hasn't been for ages, though.


76 Deansgate

Phone number:

834 8234