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Brunginho’s enjoyment of the 2012 European Championships in the field of football spilled over into not only buying the Pannini sticker book (which took months to complete, a reminder of why there was a pause in this fanaticism since childhood), but also tweeting on Twitter and posting on Facebook pun-tastic headlines labelled with the hashtag #tomorrowsheadlines (hashtags being an unheard of or at least scarcely used concept at the time of the last major football tournament, the 2010 World Cup).


Spaceman needs no further challenge than this to get creative juices going and so a friendly competition was born.  (So friendly that we often sought to improve each other’s headlines.)


Over the course of the following weeks, Brunginho and spaceman thought long and hard after each game for possible puns suitable for use in a downmarket newspaper headline (or perhaps in Gary Lineker's teleprompter feed).  There were various themes running through our ever more desperate attempts, which vaguely led the process some credibility.


There was no explicit division of the group stage matches into "rounds", but it suits the purpose of keeping the page size manageable.  The pages are subdivided thusly:


Group matches - round one

Group matches - round two

Group matches - round three


Semi-finals and final


Euro 2012 links:

Group - round one

Group - round two

Group - round three


Semi-finals and final