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Now that the Heatons Pub Crawls have increased in number, they deserve their own menu page.  As time passes, it may well be that these pub crawls take in wider areas (and indeed they now have), but for now (late 2012) they are contained within the Four Heatons of Stockport (Mersey, Moor, Chapel and Norris).


In the first pub crawl, we were perhaps a little naive, as we stormed through most of the pubs of Heatons Chapel and Moor.


The second pub crawl covered the same area and, by this time, we felt like we had learned our lessons, although that was not entirely in evidence.


For the third pub crawl, we expanded the net to include the other two Heatons, Mersey and Norris, but were more selective of the venues in each region.


There was also a fourth pub crawl which took place in the Heatons a few years after but it's not included here as there's not much overlap and a number of the pubs have changed name since then.

Pub crawl list:

Crawl 1 - Two Heatons I

Crawl 2 - Two Heatons II

Crawl 3 - Four Heatons

Crawl 4 - Stockport I

Crawl 5 - Woodhouses

Crawl 6 - Stockport II

Crawl 7 - Heatons Reprise



Pub crawl

Two Heatons I

Two Heatons II

Four Heatons


8th April 2012

2nd June 2012

17th November 2012

Beer Shop (The)

Blue Cat1


Crown (The) - Moor

Crown (The) - Mersey


Dog & Partridge

Elizabethan (The)

Frog & Railway

George & Dragon

Griffin Hotel

Hinds Head

Kro Bar2

Moor Top

Nursery Inn

Orangery (The)3

Plough (The)

Toby Carvery

Town Bar

Bars attended





2016 update:

1 Now Time And Place

2 Now Tusk

3 Now Thom's Bar