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It started with a desire to try every pub in the four Heatons near Stockport - Moor and Chapel at first (twice!), then Mersey and Norris too - before extending the reach to the centre of Stockport after the Heatons had been conquered.  Following a crawl in Woodhouses (including Failsworth), it was clear that this was getting bigger than was originally planned.


Spaceman, of course, had previous with the Central Manchester Slow Pub Crawl and its more leisurely spin-off, the Manchester Pub Stagger, both of these completed with drinking buddy barney.  However, as explained in the first Two Heatons pub crawl, barney was no longer a viable companion for diarised drinking.


However, then Heaton Moor resident and bitter-drinking fanatic The Toad was a worthy replacement who soon got used to the sight of spaceman scribbling frantically in a small pad whilst pretending to listen.


Also worth mentioning that information for the first Stockport pub crawl and partial inspiration for widening our remit to suburban Manchester were given by Likesa and LeCross (although spaceman would like to think that the original pub crawl diaries might have provided some inspiration in the first place).


Meanwhile, barney returned and, out of nowhere, we decided to relive some of our pub crawling youth.  But that's another story.


Pub crawl list


Crawl 1 - Two Heatons I - Sunday 8th April 2012

Lunching but naive two-pint start followed by high-speed football-watching middle inevitably lead to an early, incomplete finish in the 10th pub at 7pm.


Crawl 2 - Two Heatons II - Saturday 2nd June 2012

A successful retry taking in a dozen pubs, largely due to regular food consumption, although The Toad replaced beer with G&Ts at the end.


Crawl 3 - Four Heatons - Saturday 17th November 2012

An expansive escapade taking in 10 pubs, 12 beers and over 6 miles of walking suggests that we might be getting the hang of it.


Crawl 4 - Stockport I - Saturday 16th November 2013

A prolonged shimmy up the A6 with a brutal mid-section culminating in wheat beer abandonment in pub no. 11 and a takeaway curry on the way home.


Crawl 5 - Woodhouses (incl. Failsworth) - Saturday 15th February 2014

A meticulously-planned mission with a well-timed kebab in new surroundings mean memories of the 11th pub still exist.


Crawl 6 - Stockport II - Saturday 19th July 2014

Starting where crawl 4 never made it, Stockport revisited took us from the A6 to the centre, for a clinical ten-pub wander.


Crawl 7 - Heatons Reprise ("Old Haunts & New Jaunts") - Saturday 1st October 2016

After a break of over two years, the pub crawlers are at it again, wandering back round the Heatons to discover old and new, with nine pub visits in total.



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Crawl 4 - Stockport I

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Crawl 7 - Heatons Reprise